Hire Laser-Focussed Wheel Balancing Services in Salford, Manchester

The wheel balancing services we provide aren’t just accurate. They’re the epitome of precision. Based in Salford, Manchester, Superb Motors Ltd utilises state-of-the-art laser tracking technology to perform best-in-class tyre maintenance services.

Why Use Lasers?

At Superb Motors Ltd, we believe that only laser tracking technology provides the faultless precision needed to achieve a reliable servicing experience. By balancing your vehicle’s wheels with the assistance of this cutting-edge technology, we are able to ensure that your vehicle handles smoothly and dependably without pulling to one side. Plus, it ensures that your tyres wear evenly – making for a smoother driving experience overall.

Getting Started

All of the laser tracking we perform is carried out in accordance with manufacturer standards. To begin, we will check your vehicle against the manufacturer’s recommendations. Then, we will make the necessary adjustments. The result is a vehicle with improved handling and greatly increased tyre longevity. In addition, we carry out a number of maintenance services to further enhance the performance of your vehicle.

  • Computerised laser Wheel Alignment for front

    £60.00 (upto 2ltr engine)

  • Computerised laser Wheel Alignment for front

    £80.00 (2ltr engine onward)

  • Computerised laser Wheel Alignment for all 4 wheel

    £110.00 (upto 2ltr engine)

  • Computerised laser Wheel Alignment for all 4 wheel

    £140.00 (2ltr engine onward)


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